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Larry Fultz

Owner/Lead Design Engineer
Larry Fultz is the Owner and Lead Design Engineer at Leading Edge Industrial Technologies, LLC. He is also a retired Marine who proudly served our country from 1991-1995. Larry has 20 years of experience in machining and fabrication. In December of 2012 his employers of 16 years decided to close shop and get out of manufacturing services. By cashing out his 401K and using savings, Larry founded Leading Edge Industrial in April of 2013.

Lamira Bland

Lamira Bland

Electrical Engineer
Lamira Bland is from Chicago, Illinois, and is the Electrical Engineer for Leading Edge Industrial Technology, LLC. She graduated from the College of Technology at Purdue University with a degree in Engineering Technology in 2015. Lamira developed an interest in engineering through high school summer camps at Purdue Calumet and IUPUI. She began an internship at LEI Tech in November 2014, and transitioned to a full- time position in June 2015. A goal and dream of hers is to help engineering become more appealing to young girls.

Jacob Cherogan

Jacob Cherogan

Operations Manager
Jacob Cherogan is from Munster, Indiana, and is a Project Engineer and Quality Control lead at Leading Edge Industrial Technologies, LLC. He graduated in 2015 from Purdue University’s College of Engineering in West Lafayette, Indiana. As a child, Jacob first was introduced to, and subsequently developed a continuing interest in, engineering through assisting his grandfather design and fabricate woodworking projects in his grandfather’s workshop. Jacob began as an intern at LEI Tech in April 2016 and quickly transitioned into a full-time career with the company in August of 2016 as a multidisciplinary project engineer and quality control lead. In May of 2018, He was promoted to Operations Manager of Leading Edge Industrial.

Jeremy Tipton

Jeremy Tipton is from Niceville, Florida, and is a Software Developer at Leading Edge Industrial Technologies, LLC. He graduated in 2002 from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Astronautical Engineering. He developed an interest in programming while attending the academy. Thereafter, he became a pilot for the U.S. Air Force and remained a pilot for 10 years until retirement in 2014. While in the military, he earned an M.B.A from the American Military University. Currently, he is earning his Associates Degree in Software Development from Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Jeremy began his internship with LEI Tech in June of 2017 and went full-time with the company in May of 2018.

David Hohulin


David Hohulin is from Gibson City, Illinois, and is the Videographer at Leading Edge Industrial Technology, LLC. He graduated from Illinois State University in 2016 with a degree in Interactive Media. David has had an interest in video since he was a kid and was always seen with a camera making goofy videos as he grew up. When he isn’t making videos David can be found watching sports, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and well…making more videos.

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