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No One Outgrows Safety

At the start of early childhood, we learn the importance of safety. From taking the time to buckle your seat belt to following the appropriate safety precautions during a fire drill, we acknowledge that even though we may not want to make these steps, they are still...

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Breaking for the Better

Breaking in for the Better You can ask any athlete, whether it is a basketball star or the most valuable player on the track team, the warm-up is crucial for them to perform at their best. Imagine an athlete who didn’t complete their practice laps or stretch their...

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Assembly Lines – The Game Changer

Efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. These are three tiers we base our business on here at Leading Edge Industrial. In fact, the manufacturing industry itself is built around these guiding principles and the idea that the manufacturing industry should...

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Edge Update – Our New Vlog Series

Everyone loves a good vlog right? No, that wasn’t a typo: we’re excited to announce our new behind-the-scenes video blogs! This content not only allows you to learn about how our products can change the way you work but also gives you an up close and personal look at...

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