After 4 years of college, strapped with enormous student debt that can take over 20 years to repay, you are facing a job market that is pretty nonexistent. So you have 4 years, lots of debt to find out you’re unemployed…forget about getting married, forget about starting a family, forget about nice yearly vacations, and that beater you’ve been driving all through school in hopes of getting a new car when you graduate suddenly becomes luggage….you’ll have it longer than you ever thought! How about having the potential of $50,000.00 your first year? Not a bad start for a life style that’s comfortable, meaningful, and satisfying. Yearly vacations, new car, music lessons for your children….more financial freedoms…and we can get you there faster than college….the choice is really yours!

Our “Cutting Edge Table Top CNC Mill & Lathe” will provide you with, not only the Hands On training, but we will also provide podcasts and video lessons, a step by step of all the functionality of our equipment, along with a complete maintenance guide. There is a growing library of projects available that will provide the expertise and comfort of becoming a Set Up Operator. As your experience grows you will enter a world of creativity and manufacturing that will sustain you for a lifetime of job certainty and a comfortable life style. As technology continues to grow, so will your opportunities. Let’s face facts, as the economy runs its course of peaks and valleys, the only field that remains Strong is Manufacturing. Service industries will ‘Take a Hit”simply because our economy is driven by the goods we manufacture, and I’m not talking about a burger with fries. So think about retiring that apron you’ve been wearing and step up Higher Wages, Better Benefits, Secure Future, and a Lifestyle that you deserve.