January has finally come to a close, and that means the beginning of slightly warmer weather (we hope!), longer evenings, and the growing anticipation of spring! Honestly, our team has hardly noticed the brutal weather that’s plagued Indiana this January; we’ve been so busy adjusting and moving to our new “home!”

We are pleased to announce that we’ve OFFICIALLY moved into our new location. That’s right, every last box is unpacked and every machine is in its place. After months of planning and organizing, finally being able to enjoy the accomplishment of a successful move feels fantastic. Our entire team is eager to get the ball rolling in this new space!

We’re Celebrating! 

In light of our exciting update, we’re offering a seasonal promotion on machines. Save 15% on machine orders now until March 17th (valid for the first 100 machines sold in 2018) (CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS NOW). We are eager to offer this additional deal to help educators, hobbyists, and others increase efficiency while decreasing costs in the classroom and workplace.

Looking Ahead

While we enjoy taking a moment to celebrate our recent move, we are also just as quickly ramping up another busy round of production to meet current sales from the end of the fourth quarter. This means many long, busy, and productive days, but we couldn’t be more excited. We are also looking forward to attending many conventions and conferences this year as we learn from and share with fellow industry experts.

2018 is certainly looking bright for Leading Edge Industrial, and we hope that you will follow our adventures and reach out to us when you are interested in learning more!

We have many upcoming educational and tutorial blogs planned for you, but in the meantime, click here to learn more about our HX710 Turning Center or HX8410 Vertical Machining Center.