Pursuing growth and progress is commonplace in our industry. The machining world thrives on innovation, and we are always hungry to learn more within our field, as well as share our findings with clients like you. Many different companies and individuals gather to collaborate on their advancements and trade shows, “Techspos,” and conferences are frequently home to such displays. In fact, one event has captured the attention of the bulk of the companies within our industry. The 2018 International Manufacturing and Technology Show, IMTS, has everyone counting down. With less than six weeks left until the big event, the excitement is building.

IMTS – Where Leading Minds Come Together

An event that brings together all of the industry’s top companies is sure to draw attention but, what exactly can one witness at this show? Leaders within the manufacturing industry demonstrate and display new solutions, strategies to accelerate them, and even networking processes to recruit top-tier employees. In less than two months, 2018 will witness the 32nd show in North America. With its past performances, IMTS will attract buyers from over 100 countries, promoting a promising experience. This singular opportunity can lead to valuable connections and extensive networking opportunities that can link you with professionals around the world.

Keeping Up with Competitors

IMTS hosts more than 115,000 industrial leaders and business giants. If you are involved in the machining industry, you will more than likely run into competitors. Keeping up with their updates and new strategies will help you stay informed and aware of their next move. This knowledge will allow you to fire back with your own plan or strategy increasing your chances of besting the competition. Some companies featured at the event include Big Kaiser, Hurco, Index,  and Quality Vision International, Inc. You can check out a more extensive list on IMTS’s website. Not only will you be able to see what your competitors are doing but you will be exposed to more than a million square feet of machine tools, work holdings, and tooling. With such a broad range of innovative ideas and tools, you will be sure to identify a piece, method, or strategy that will have you optimizing your time and procedures.

Leading Edge Industrial Attendance

As mentioned in one of our past blog entries, our team from Leading Edge Industrial will be featuring innovative machining solutions at IMTS. We will still be present in our 10’ x 20’ booth; however, our new booth location is 215016. The new floor plan is featured below, and the blue dot represents our booth.



This will be LEI’s second time at this fantastic event, and we are very excited to experience it with you! Our team will be sharing new products and systems at the show. Some of which will be making their debut! Be sure to stop by and visit us to check out these new products as well as the most affordable and optimal machining company out there! Haven’t registered yet? Click here for more information about the show and how to register.

Whether you are interested in machining due to personal, educational, or industrial purposes, be sure to make time for one of the most innovative events of the year!