Students should be encouraged to pursue jobs in the mechanical field

As we can see, due to the latest occurrences in the labor world, the economy and thus our jobs and livelihood can be unpredictable. For this reason, it is crucial that we strive to achieve job security and careers that will continue to put food on our tables. High schoolers, nowadays, may be struggling to decipher what it is that they should be investing their time and effort into. So often we hear that the opportunity cost of paying to go to school is not worth the outcome, the debt, and the uncertainty of acquiring a job.

How about we inform you of a more efficient option?

An Education That Pays

As students prepare to dive into the world beyond high school, it is crucial that they are aware of all options available to them. Even when they are in high school, they can be working toward their college degree. An opportunity in Johnson County allows students to do precisely this. The Central Nine Career Center allows all students in Johnson County high schools, excluding Edinburgh, to gain experience in the machining world while they are still in high school. This opportunity is also open to Indianapolis students who are located in the southern parts of Marion County. 

Many mechanical internships are offered to high school students

But wait it gets better…

These students also get dual credit from Vincennes University. Not only this, but they are exposed to experiences like internships, some of which are even paid. With opportunities like this all presented before even graduating high school, students will have a leg up over other scholars as they get a taste for a career that is in high demand.

A Secured Future

Security is something everyone wants, whether it’s in a relationship, investment, or career. Machining has seen a graying of their workforce, with a bulk of their machinists being in their 50’s and 60’s. As most of their workers draw near retirement, the machining community is looking for young individuals who are enthusiastic about pursuing an innovative profession. This career path has you constantly stimulated, advancing with the world of technology.

A Challenging and Rewarding Career

Some individuals may think of this path as a dull environment where you just push buttons; however, this is the exact opposite. Even in the course, students apply math skills and learn how to implement blueprints in the machining process. The projects that they work on follow Vincennes’s curriculum and incorporate enticing projects like working on cars and motorcycles. The class will enable the student to see how the work they put in results in the actual physical output. By understanding what they are working on and what their work creates, scholars gain that awesome feeling of achievement that will bring them back, thirsty for more.

The Experience Doesn’t Stop There…

Some companies will even pay for continued education for their employees. This is particularly exciting for students who may not have planned to go to college due to the high costs; however, this can be made possible by following a career in machining. Some students who may have never gone to college in the first place end up with a degree in mechanical engineering!

Open the Door of OpportunityMachinist careers are both challenging and rewarding

Does this sound like an experience you or a friend may be willing to pursue? Maybe you’re unsure if machining is for you. If so, click here to read our other blogs and learn more about machining. The future is in the making. All you need is an open perspective and determined mindset. The limits are where you set them. Where will your future take you