Leading Edge Industrial has undergone a myriad of exciting changes and growth in 2017. With the year quickly coming to an end, we have another significant change to squeeze in. We are moving! That’s right, in 2018 our team will be moving to a much larger space to accommodate our growing business!


We will still be located in the central Lafayette area. Our new address will be: 3323 Concord Rd, Lafayette, IN 47909 Suites 2 & 3. We are incredibly excited about this change as we will soon occupy a 5000 square foot space, which is nearly double the space we currently have. As anyone understands, it is important for a business to properly plan for the future and prepare for expansion in order to handle changes in a way that has no negative impact on employees and customers. We feel that this new location is the perfect next step for Leading Edge Industrial.

What Does this Mean for the Future?

This new space provides many important benefits to us. This new location will allow us to grow in both personnel and in sales volume. We will also be more equipped to increase efficiency and productivity. While it’s amazing to have the space to stretch our legs and move forward into the future, with room to keep up with our plans, there are even more reasons why this is a great change. In this location, we will receive more traffic past the shop. Where, before, we had about 500 cars seeing us every day, now we will have approximately 17,000! This is incredibly important when it comes to visibility.

Lean Principles

As an added bonus, floor plans created for the new space incorporate “lean principles,” which are methods in manufacturing (and also considered a philosophy in a way) of essentially finding ways in which to minimizing waste while increasing productivity and quality work. In our new space, we are focusing on lean manufacturing in order to ensure that our work is done well without wasting time and money. We don’t believe in waste of any kind and we are eager to continue following that belief in our work.

In this age, technology and manufacturing are moving us into the future faster than ever before. Here at Leading Edge Industrial, we are excited about this time in history and our contributions. With our new location, we are ready for the next step in our company’s history and its part in the innovations of this era.


Have questions about our new space? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d love to tell you more about this exciting change!