You know what they say, “an artist’s work is never finished.” While we may not be artists in the traditional sense, this age-old phrase certainly describes the way our team feels about this business! We are always working to improve our processes along with the overall customer experience. Recently, we’ve made quite a few noteworthy changes to increase efficiency, not only in our physical shop but digitally as well. We’re excited to share them with you!


New Request for Quote System on Website

In April, we created the new Request for Quote (RFQ) System, which is now live on our website. This process helps make the RFQ system much more efficient, especially on the back-end for LEI employees. Instead of sifting through emails for RFQs, entering data for each quote manually, generating shipping estimates manually, compiling this data into a PDF, creating an email, and sending it back to the customer (along with many other miscellaneous tasks that come up in the process), we can run all quote requests through a streamlined and templated process. Additionally, instead of the inevitable delay inquirers experience due to sorting out many different leads, we can get back to potential customers quickly and effectively. Now, when customers request a quote from LEI, they are not only able to save and print a non-official quote, but they can immediately have an idea on product and shipping costs.


Making the Dollar Go Further

We all love making our money last. That’s precisely why we’re updating our digital store with a new process designed to streamline the customer experience by eliminating friction on both ends. In comparison to industry competitors, Leading Edge Industrial customers will find that their dollar goes much further when choosing LEI HX Series machines. Not only will shoppers enjoy the transparency and speed of their all-inclusive quote, they will be able to compare accurate prices with those of competitors – and enjoy the obvious savings! We still elect to review every quote to ensure that the orders are built, packed, and shipped in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for our customers. All of this is implemented to ensure the smoothest experience for our valuable customers. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate as well, which is why we’re happy to make this process easy and stress-free!


Walking You Through the Request for Quote System

Our team wants you to get the most out of the new additions to our site, which is why we’re providing you with a step-by-step guide for requesting a quote. Let’s get started!

  1. Access the homepage of our website:



  1. From here, you will want to head over to the farthest tab on the navigation bar, and click on the third tab, entitled “Request Quote.”



  1. Easy enough, right? From here, you’ll find yourself on the “Request Quote” page, where you have access to a short video explaining the process of requesting a quote. Take a look and enjoy!



  1. Getting closer! Refer to steps 1-3 on the “Request Quote” Page. From here, you can head on over to our online store and choose the products you’d like to purchase.




  1. Once you’ve placed the items in your cart, you can review your order and proceed to check-out. The checkout cart will be located in the top right corner of your screen.







Additionally, you can click on “Calculate Shipping” to get an accurate shipping estimate. During checkout, review your billing and shipping information and simply select “Request Quote” as your payment type.


  1. You’re almost finished! Finally, you can complete your request by confirming order details, submitting your request, and receiving your quote. You will know that the process is complete when your cart is empty and you receive a confirmation email.

From here, our team will quickly create an official quote including accurate freight shipping and handling costs, emailing it to you in a PDF format. It’s as simple as that!


Your Questions Are Welcome!

We are confident that this new addition will open many new doors of opportunities for both our business and our clients! As always, we welcome your questions and thoughts about this new process, and we look forward to continuing to improve processes and efficiency as we grow!