After a couple of weeks of “Back In The Saddle Again” we are delighted to say NO Saddle Sores here! The Rocket is being fueled and the final preparations are taking place. We are moving to a new Launch Pad, actually not moving to, but in. We have acquired more space in the Park and are very excited about the added space. We have made some incredible contacts including a well known manufacturing Technology Purdue Professor, Mike Rowe Works,Gerry Dick of Inside Indiana Business along with some terrific folks from the State of Indiana. Our approach is very unique and has opened many eyes to our answer of solving the shortage of operators today.

Projections show if we continue on the path we’re traveling currently we will have over 2,000,000, yes 2,000,000 empty manufacturing positions…. in less than 10 years.Two Million of anything is a ton…2,000,000 empty jobs. Think about that figure for a moment. If half of these people who could fill this jobs, and we are talking MEN and WOMEN, are married the security numbers increase quickly. Our point….there are people supporting families by flipping burgers, doing yard work…seasonal at best in certain climates, not to mention the ones working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet, usually at a minimum wage with no benefits, no job security, and a whole lot of uncertainty. The answer is is here, right now, and for ALL.