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Frequently Asked Questions

— HX Series Product Line —

Do I need a special power supply or wiring to operate HX Series benchtop CNC machinery?
A: No, the HX Series product line was designed to operate within U.S. standard 120VAC, 60HZ, and pull less than 15 Amps. 
Why won't my machine connect to my computer?
A:  If your computer does not detect the machine upon plugging in the USB, you will need to download a VCP (Virtual COM Port) driver.  This driver is essential for allowing USB devices to appear as COM ports on your computer.  Download the driver that corresponds to your computer’s operating system and install the driver.  The link to the driver can be found here:  FTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers 
What comes with the machine, and what else do I need to purchase to start cutting?
A: Please see the packing list for a complete list of tools, found on the product pages of our machines and within the User Manual.
What kind of warranty comes with the machine?
A: We offer a 1-year parts replacement warranty. This does not include damage caused by the user but actual defects in our parts.
Can we get longer USB cables?

 A: The USB cable provided with your purchase of the machine is a standard USB-A to USB-B cable, and can be purchased at almost any store. Because of each installation, classroom, and shop floor layout being different for all of our customers, we only stock 6-foot USB cables. With that said, we have successfully used a 20-foot cable to control our machines in a previous shop floor layout. So length is completely up to you.

I use Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM. Can I output from Fusion directly to the HX Series CNC machines?
A: Yes, we have post processors available for download on the product page of our machines.
What’s the computer connection like on the HX Series product line, and what software controller is used with the CNC machines?
A: You need a computer with a USB port. A USB-A to USB-B cord is used to connect your computer to the machine. Our software is Java-based and will run on Mac, Linux or Windows computers as long as you have the latest Java updates.
What’s the total size of the setup, i,e, machine in the enclosure and on a tool cart? Do I need a tool cart?
A: Please see the specification sheets for sizing information, found on the product page and within the User Manual. The Craftsman tool cart and toolset are optional add-ons and are not needed to operate the machines.  We offer the products for convenience and a better user experience. 
What is the lead-time for shipping, meaning if I order today, when can you ship?
A: We currently have several machines in stock. However, if we do not have the quantity in stock when you order, we have a 6-8 week waiting period (although we usually get them out faster).
Where is it made?
A: Everything but the castings are made here at our factory. The castings are made overseas, however we highly modify each part so the actual machine you get isn’t anywhere near what we start with. The parts we purchase to include nuts, bolts, fasteners, raw materials and even the tools used to process our machine are made from products “Made in the USA“. Because we highly modify the castings we can say the machines are “Made in the USA” according to regulations stated by the FTC on Complying with the Made in USA Standard.

— HX8410 VMC —

Can I mount a power strip to the back so that there is a single cable for the controller, spindle, and my compressor for the coolant system?

A: Yes, You can mount a power strip if you would like. However, any damage or modification to the paint or surface due to the attachment would not be covered in the limited parts warranty.

Can I seal the doors and outer casing with silicone for use with my coolant system?

A: Yes, you can use a silicone sealant if you wish. It is not a service we offer, but it could be easily implemented if you find it necessary.

Can I create and install a coolant drain line through the outer casing to allow the coolant to flow back to the tank?

A: Our cases were not designed to be used with flood coolant. Any modifications to the machine for such purpose would be up to the customer. Leading Edge Industrial’s limited warranty on parts does not cover any after-market modifications made to the sheet metal structure, nor does it cover any damage caused by a leaking case. The machines are designed for use with mist coolant only, and when properly set-up will not accumulate large amounts of coolant at any time. If a large amount of coolant is collecting inside the case, then a coolant feed adjustment is necessary.

— HX710 TC —

What is maximum turning diameter, and what’s the maximum stock I can chuck in it?
A: The pre-installed 3″, 3-jaw chuck will hold a maximum of 3-inch diameter stock. The chuck has 0.625 inch thru holes. The HX710 Turning Center has a work capacity of 7″ x 10″; however, we recommend working within the 3-inch diameter limits.
Can I install a slightly bigger chuck?
A: Yes, the 3″ 3-jaw chuck, that comes pre-installed on the machine, is removable, and can be replaced with a larger chuck. The user manual for the HX710 Turning Center has the steps listed within it to walk you through proper removal and installation of a new chuck. We only carry 3″, 3-jaw chucks in inventory.
How does machine cope with cutting stainless steel?
A: We currently do not have experience running stainless steel on the HX710 Turning Center. We will be cutting a variety of metals in the coming weeks, stainless steel included. The HX710 Turning Center can cut wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, and titanium.
Are there any coolant ports on the HX710 Turning Center?
A: The HX710 turning center currently does not have ports for coolant. We recommend a mist coolant system with a magnetic base. Installation of a coolant system is up to the purchaser.
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