Envision this: the perfect project. Your client describes a part with a precise, detail-oriented explanation. You manage to write the specifics and wonder how exactly you will get the assignment done with such precision. Fortunately enough for you, your machine can execute the job almost immaculately. With the client satisfied, you can move on to the next undertaking, knowing that your device can do and deliver parts that will not only meet your customers’ expectations but leave them wanting more. 

Every project should begin with the intention to have the job well done. With this in mind, we invest our time, effort, and money into each assignment with proper due-diligence. Whether it is our personal project or one that we are finishing for a client, we strive for the best. Everybody in the machining industry craves efficiency and accuracy, and we will do what it takes to guarantee it becomes a reality. It is the unfortunate truth that despite endless preparation, the process can offer complications for even the most diligent worker.

What Exactly is Backlash?

This term is enough to make any machinist cringe. Backlash describes any movement in an axis caused by the looseness of the machine’s components. The loosened components in the system may create a delay or unexpected movement in the actual performance of the equipment. Machinists refer to this delay as backlash. This issue can stem from multiple sources; however, the most frequent culprit tends to be the movement between the threads of the screw and retaining nut. The axial movement of a screw in the bearings that hold it, can also cause backlash in a machine. Unnecessary loosening in a system can result in serious delays and waste.

What’s the Big Deal About Backlash?

Backlash is a scourge of both the manual and CNC machining world.  Professionals can list several reasons to keep these inefficiencies out of your system.  One of the most significant reasons to take the steps necessary to prevent backlash is that many CNC machines do not sense that the motor has moved and thus the axis of the machine does not compensate for missed movement. Even if the machine is aware of backlash being present, other issues rise to the surface. Backlash can also cause complications in processes like climb milling. The machine may jerk the part being worked to compensate for the length of the backlash. This may seem like a minor complication, but the effects of this slight alteration can be devastating causing issues ranging from an inefficient process (missed tolerances, bad parts, and wasted machine time, just to name a few) all the way to harming the person operating the system.

Addressing Backlash

A machinist’s immediate solution to the issue of backlash may be to reach for ball screws, ball screw mountings, and/or linear rails. These options have been around for over a century, and do address the issue of backlash; however, there are other ways to approach backlash. The ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts sold by Leading Edge Industrial offer real benefits. Whether it is price, performance, or efficiency, our products promote a clean machining job and a satisfied client. 

Benefits of Utilizing ACME

Price –

ACME leadscrews are designed to be affordable. Going with the more efficient option of ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts will save you money, which allows for a better use of your financial resources and prevents undercutting your bottom line.

Performance – 

ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts deliver exceptional performance to allow you to make precise movements and cuts using your machines. Our products have a measured repeatability of around 8 microns over 6 inches using our ACME leadscrew and bronze nut design. The ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts machined for our products offer the same accuracy and precision that ball screws do at a much lower cost.

Efficiency – 

In many cases, machinists will automatically resort to the ball screw without trying their experience with ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts. Out of habit, many machinists choose ball screws even though they are more expensive and offer few additional advantages over ACME leadscrews with bronze nuts. Purchasing the leadscrews and bronze nuts is cost-efficient without sacrificing the capabilities of a ball screw.

The Most Optimal Choice

As the familiar saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Here at Leading Edge Industrial we are prepared to do the impossible. With products like ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts, we are confident we can offer something new to even the most seasoned machinist. Try our products on your next project and you’re sure to be impressed with the results. By combining a reduced cost with efficient performance, ACME leadscrews and bronze nuts will surprise you with their advantages.