As an educator, you understand the importance of your students gaining hands-on experience in their chosen field. Integrating CNC machining into the classroom environment is crucial for learning, but it doesn’t come without its obstacles – except with us. When you purchase multiple machines from our company, we want you to know that we’ve set out to make the process as positive and pain-free as possible.

As the manufacturing industry continues to thrive, we want to prepare the next generation of professionals to be successful in this prospering field. Having a multitude of machines for students to use in the classroom will allow them to become better prepared for their future careers. Aside from enhancing career readiness, there are a number of other features and services that come with our products. Efficiency, accessibility, and support are all components of our business that we take seriously. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten benefits of working with us.

#10. Incomparable technical support that you won’t get with any other series of manufacturing products

We believe in supporting our clients every step of the way. While we are in the business to sell machinery, we know that our job isn’t finished at the close of a sale. Unlike many other CNC machinery companies, where learning how to be productive and successful is left purely to the discretion of the buyer, we want to supply vital instructional materials and technical support to help you as much as possible! This partnership with educators allows us to ensure your complete satisfaction and provide a comprehensive experience for your classroom.

#9. Established Industry Relationships

Through our partnerships with Autodesk, Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Titans of CNC, and Immerse2Learn, we are developing curriculum in print, video, and multimedia forms—available to each and every one of our customers. We are working with schools around the country to take our efforts to the next level so that we can start offering curriculum for nationally recognized certifications. These relationships allow us to become partners, consultants, and even trusted friends to the education leaders investing in these machines.

AMT Autodesk SME TITANS of CNC Academy Immerse2Learn

#8. Our machines operate on a standard US 120VAC x 15A power

Essentially, 3-phase power converters and rewiring for higher voltages are not needed to operate our machinery. That saves you both the time and money associated with installing a larger industrial sized machine into a lab. Designing around standard 120V power also allows for creating mobile CNC fabrication labs, which allows you to utilize CNC Machining on-the-go! Our machines use less than 15 amps while machining even the hardest of materials.

HX Series machines operate on 110/120 VAC

#7. Maintenance is expensive on a full-size machine

When buying a larger industrial-sized machine, an appropriately large space needs to be dedicated to it. This won’t be an issue in schools that already have machine shops with rooms spacious enough to house full-size machinery, but what about the schools which no longer have machine shops or trades programs? Our machines take up approximately the same amount of room as the MakerBot Replicator 3D printers, making them a perfect addition to a CAD or design lab.

Additionally, due to the significant maintenance and upkeep costs of full-sized CNC machinery, many schools that have already secured funding—or have had their machines donated—still do not let their students operate them, for fear of potential damage to the machines. Because of this, students are often only allowed to watch the educator operate the CNC machine, and they miss the hands-on experience that is essential to one’s pursuit of a successful manufacturing career.

Inexpensive maintenance costs

We take pride in designing our HX Series product line for ease-of-maintenance and repair-ability, should machine crashes happen – which they will. A complete machine teardown and reassembly for one of our HX Series products clocks in at under an hour and can be down by someone with average mechanical skills. This saves both time and money in the long run while providing the educator peace of mind knowing that the machines will be fully taken care of.

HX Series products are designed for ease-of-maintenance and repair-ability

#6. More machines for your money!

For the price* of the following full-sized common industry machines found in schools across America, you can buy 8-10 of our machines with everything needed to get started machining right now! This would allow for ten times the amount of student throughput on your equipment. It would also free up students’ time. No more students standing around, waiting in lines to run their projects. Less wasted class time + more hands-on learning = better-prepared students, which means a higher chance of success in future careers…voila!

10 HX Series machines for the price of 1 industrial machine

  • Hurco VM10i – $52,757
  • Haas VF-1 (The most popular Haas milling machine) – $46,995
  • Haas Mini Mill EDU Vertical Milling Machine** –  $18,995

*Pricing above is accurate the at time of posting. **Requires an additional school option package, plus tooling and tool holders. 

We hope these first five points have made it clear how committed we are to a satisfying and engaging customer experience. Keep an eye out for next week when we round out our list with five further benefits of choosing us as your machine supplier.

Learn More About Our Products!

HX8410 Vertical Machining Center

The HX8410 is a versatile, PC-based vertical machining center, suitable for all skill levels. It is ideal for machining plastics, woods, metals and more in a classroom, garage, or office environment.

HX 710 Turning Center

The HX710 Turning Center is a compact, versatile, and completely enclosed, PC-based CNC lathe, suitable for all skill levels. The small footprint of the HX710 allows it to comfortably fit in a classroom, garage, or office environment, without sacrificing performance.