Last week, Leading Edge Industrial began a countdown of the top ten reasons your manufacturing classroom should invest in multiple machines. This week, we’re back again, ready to highlight the final top five reasons educators should consider purchasing multiple machines for their classrooms. As we mentioned last week, we understand the importance of allowing students to gain hands-on experience in the classroom, which is why we firmly believe in offering machinery that can do just that. According to the National Association of Manufacturing, almost 3,500,000 manufacturing employees will be in demand in the next ten years with two million of those positions likely going unfilled due to the skills gap. There’s a huge shortage of qualified manufactures. We understand the problem and we want to help.

So, without further ado, here are our TOP FIVE reasons that educators should consider purchasing multiple CNC machines for their classrooms.

#5. Our machines can run the same materials as the larger machines

Our machines don’t sacrifice size for strength. In addition to being smaller and more versatile than a standard industry machine, wood, plastic, steel, titanium, and aluminum can be machined on our HX Series Turning Center and Vertical Machining Center.

Multiple Materials Rendering

#4. “Cute but Capable” – the HX Series product line performs comparably to that of the industry’s larger counterparts

Our machines run at speeds of up to 120 IPM (inches per minute), and with our new belt drive kit, the HX8410 Vertical Machining Center can achieve spindle speeds of up to 9,000 RPM, opening the field to surface finishing and engraving of a faster and higher quality! This means that your students will have a better product, and will spend less time on each individual project, allowing more students to use the machine throughout the duration of the class.

The HX Series Product Line performs comparably to that of industry's larger counterparts

#3. Our machines come with everything you need to be productive right out of the box

Unlike industrial CNC machine purchases—where there is an additional tooling cost to buy the equipment and supplies necessary to start machining—we package our HX Series Vertical Machining Center and Turning Center with all of the tooling needed to be productive, right out of the box! This increases both time and cost efficiency, allowing clients to spend less time and money searching for other products and more time focusing on this one. In most cases, our customers can unpack, set-up and run their first part in under 30 minutes.

HX8410 VMC and HX710TC are designed to be highly efficient and productive

Download individual machine specification sheets;

#2. Smaller machines are less intimidating

CNC can be intimidating, and we have designed our HX Series product line with this in mind.  Our HX Series machines are easy-to-use and operate while still maintaining the feel and functionality of full-scale industry machines. Our product line of desktop-sized vertical machining centers and turning centers makes CNC technology more accessible to everyone. It allows both students and educators the ability to learn, create, and gain confidence machining without the fear and intimidation associated with industrial-sized CNC machines.

Our HX Series machines are easy-to-use and operate while still maintaining the feel and functionality of full-scale industry machines

#1. More student throughput for your classes

Instead of having one or two students able to work on one machine at any given time, imagine 6 to 10 students working on their own projects…every day! With manufacturers contributing $2.18 trillion to the United States economy in 2016, manufacturing has a huge impact on our lives. It’s important that our future generations have the ability to pursue this industry with strong programs supplementing their education. With higher student throughput, educators can grow their programs, which contributes to shrinking the skills gap in the United States, while bringing in more revenue to support their programs.

*In many states, additional state allocations are made to schools in the form of Categorical Grants based on student enrollment in CTE Programs.

For example, in our home state of Indiana, school corporations receive an amount based on enrollment of students in career and technical education programs. Amounts vary depending on the labor market demand and wages associated with the CTE programs. Values for the Career and Technical Education Grant in 2016 and 2017 are listed in Table 2.

2015-2017 Indiana School Funding Formula Analysis -- CTE Grant Amounts

By choosing to partner with Leading Edge Industrial and purchasing multiple machines for your classrooms, your students will gain a richer, more personalized experience. This will better prepare them for their potential manufacturing careers. By putting a real emphasis on preparing and equipping the upcoming generation of engineers and manufacturers, we are improving and contributing to the overall industry. Help us continue to build the industry with innovative solutions.

Let’s Review

Our top ten reasons why educators should purchase multiple machines from Leading Edge Industrial for their classrooms.

  • 10. Incomparable tech support
  • 9. Strong industry relationships
  • 8. Machines with standard US 120VAC x 15A power
  • 7. Lower maintenance costs
  • 6. More machines for less
  • 5. Equal material capability
  • 4. Strength of a full-sized machined
  • 3. Includes all tools necessary to start machining
  • 2. Smaller machines are less intimidating
  • 1. More student throughput

Is there anything else you’d like to see added to this list? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Leading Edge Industrial. We would love to hear your ideas and input.