A Machining Center Focused on Growth

When thinking about the keys to success, some people may not automatically think of the word “progress.” However, progress holds so many values needed for success to happen: hard work, determination, and persistence through difficulties. Here at Leading Edge Industrial, we believe in progress. We made a promise to our customers to be a machining center that offers innovative ideas, advanced technology, and clear communication. All of this could not be done if we did not take steps toward progressing our website! As the cornerstone of our information and products, we updated our website to make knowing and buying machinery easier for you. We only hope that through our progress, you can progress too.innovative machining with Leading Edge Industrial

Updates for Great User Experience

To make our website more functional, our team at Leading Edge Industrial focused on ways to improve the user experience on our website. From our dedicated work, we are now excited to tell you about the things we have done! First, we removed the “HX Series I” machines (HX8410 VMC / HX Series I: HX710 TC) from the website and now offer our new, more advanced HX Series II CNC machines. We also revamped each machine product page, general product overview pages, and the resource center so you can understand everything that you need to know about the various machines we offer. Additionally, the Menu hierarchy and structure has been greatly improved, making website navigation and finding information simple. Please feel free to check out these changes!

Upcoming Changes to Look Forward to

The best part about being a machining center that strives for progress is that we are still building our website to be better for you. Some new features we’re eager for you to see include the debut of our LEAD Controller, video walkthroughs, and webpage. Purchasing from us will also be easier due to the improvements to our buying/shipping page. This includes pre-sale information covering the following:


  • Customer-supplier relationship
  • Ordering your CNC machine and accessories
  • Machine delivery
  • Receiving machinery and installation
  • Planning your location
  • Additional considerations


The purchase/shipping page will also include where to buy machinery, payment options, and an unpacking walkthrough. It may not be common to think that machine-buying is easy, with our updates, you now can!

Resources to Understand Your Machinery

Here at Leading Edge Industrial, we understand how important it is to understand the machine you purchase. Following our theme of website-design for your comfort and convenience, we have new user manuals going to be available for the HX Series II machinery. We are also very excited to provide the long-awaited maintenance and updated machine set-up videos, some are already posted – Go check them out! The videos will provide a more comprehensive demonstration for upkeeping your machinery and making sure it is in the best performance shape. Videos offer an excellent learning-aid by combining visual and audio experience together. With an appreciation for this type of learning tool, Leading Edge Industrial has been working with our videographer to shoot and edit new product promotional videos, maintenance walkthroughs, project and software tutorials, etc. on our YouTube Channel. Please feel free to explore and subscribe to our page to stay up-to-date about our products! Keeping our goal of excellence in mind, we hope we can be the machining center that meets all your needs. Contact us or view our website for more information!