at leading edge industrial in lafayette indiana we know that mastering cmc machining can help you with other mechanical pursuits

We are all familiar with the idea of knowledge empowering us. The more knowledge we have, the more able we are to flex our brain cells and link the connections in our brain to our advantage. Whether that is thinking of a new innovation, brainstorming another route to solve the same problem, or completing a task more efficiently than it has been done before, this concept of knowledge being power translates to machining as well. The more you know about CNC machining and its core machining principles, the opportunities are endless. Here at Leading Edge Industrial, we want to empower you. Learn about the potential you hold that you yourself didn’t even know about.

How would you like to create your own action figure?

let leading edge industrial in lafayette indiana explain all the things you can do with a cnc machining degree

When the word machining comes into conversation, immediately one’s mind is pushed toward mechanics and industrialization; however, this isn’t exactly the case. CNC machining can be used for fun, creative projects as well. Imagine this: all the Marvel fanatics are obsessing over the latest action figure released—meanwhile you have one of your very own. Something that you crafted from start to finish, a piece of art that you have contributed your thought and effort into, an artifact of diligent work that considered each curve and crevice, each shade of color and texture. Who knows, the action figure may even be of you! Now THAT would be something worth talking about. Your friends wouldn’t know where to start, asking you what company made you your own action figure or if you can make one of them!

The world becomes your oyster…

at leading edge industrial in lafayette indiana we can add creative touches to projects with a cnc degree

Whether it is for fun projects like an action figure or something a little bit more practical, like your very own set of silverware, machining can help you achieve these creations easily, efficiently, and of course, enable you to add your own creative touch. Once you master the core machining principles, like machining speeds (spindle RPM and feeds (cutting feed rates), CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) software, and the parameters of the CNC machine itself, the limitations are realistically transferred from ‘what can it make’ to ‘what can you make’. The options are endless as long as you are willing to learn and maintain an open mindset to new ideas and creativity.

Machining Just Got THAT Much Easier

Some may feel that their experience with CNC machining is hindered by the cost of the machining technology itself; however, that is no longer the case. LEI has strived to create the ideal solution for budget concerned individuals. LEI invested time and development into creating portable, affordable, and fully-capable desktop and benchtop CNC machines. With this ease of access to a workspace we hope that individuals will take a more active approach in machining. The types of products you can create are not the only cool aspects of machining. You can use almost any and every material in the creation of a project. Even though the common thought is that machining is only done with metals like aluminum and steel alloys and brass, it is also used with plastics (ABS, Delrin, Nylon etc.), foam, composites, and wood, proving once again that the options are endless.

Products of Machining Can Be Found EVERYWHERE

Thanks to the versatility of CNC machining, it has been utilized in many fields to make the lives of its users and those around them significantly easier. This allows for saved time, money, and effort, and it enables individuals to focus on other issues within their sector or industry that may be more pressing. This technology’s wide range of applications can be found in industries like Aerospace/Space, Automotive, Product Design, Electrical, Industrial Machining and Tooling (Tool and Die), Defense, Sports, and more! Internally, we have used our CNC machines for product design/development, rapid prototyping, as secondary operation CNC machines (CNC machines that are dedicated to executing quick CNC operations that would otherwise clog up the production schedules on our larger industrial machines – i.e., our machines make parts for themselves), to machine fixtures and workholding devices to help with production operations on the shop floor, for trinkets/props/DIY-hobby projects/Cosplay/MAKER applications, for making candy/chocolate molds, and castable molds.

You know the:

  1. Wide range of products that you are able to create with machining
  2. Variety of materials you can use to create your products
  3. Range of creativity as well as useful skills, machining opens you up to

So What Now?

a cnc machining education can open the door to many careers

The real question is, what is stopping you from learning more about the process of CNC machining? With every door that opens, the payoff of investing time and energy into learning this skill is virtually endless. Learn a skill that will not only serve as a creative outlet but can also become a source of income! If you find yourself interested in learning more about CNC machining or the machines that Leading Edge Industrial offers, please contact us at: 888-202-9398.