Happy Times….Lots of Family…..This photo was taken in late June @ Casa Pela restaurant in Louisville. The smiling beauty in the center is the owner, chef, and niece, and the rest of us are part of the family of Leading Edge Industrial Technology. I post this photo as a memoriam to Wilson Usedo, 2nd from the right. Wilson was a recent graduate of Purdue University and an Electrical Engineer and was part of our family. He was an excellent engineer with a heart beyond compare! His brilliance drove him through High School in 3 years and received numerous awards from Purdue for his academic excellence as well as his humanitarian efforts…guiding new students through the entrance process at Purdue, volunteering at the homeless shelter, and helping anywhere or anytime he could in the community.

He was proud of his Peruvian heritage, loved baseball and the Red Wings, and had a smile that would literally light up a room, look at the photo for proof! He brought in some chocolate from Peru not long ago for all of us here in the office and the difference from what we know as chocolate here is like comparing hamburger to steak. Peruvian chocolate is the BOMB…and so were you Wilson. Wilson died in a one car accident Saturday evening on his way to join a friend on Sunday for a baseball game in Chicago…..He really was THE BEST, and he will be sadly missed.