With every new day, our society sees another chance to grow. In order to accommodate this growth, whether it be amongst skyscrapers, on the farm, in the classroom, etc., manufacturing equipment often comes into play. So as to optimize the use of machinery, making it both efficient and safe, people have come to frequently use workholding solutions. It is with products like our Low Profile Vise, that industry professionals and educators are able to get the job done in a quick, safe, and effective way.

A Fixture You Can Count On

Leading Edge Industrial is known for its reliable products and unparalleled expertise. We know that when we’re working with CNC machines, it is crucial that the equipment you are working with is sturdy and able to hold the burden of the job. That’s why we use the Low Profile Vise, our premier fixturing vise for use on the HX Series product line. This Low Profile Vise is semi-sacrificial so you are able to machine and modify it to meet the needs of your future work. It is also specially designed to withstand all the rigorous tasks you will put it through.

We have seen our vises sold to a wide variety of businesses, from small, garage machining shops to custom engraving companies and large production machine shops. When it comes to getting the job done precisely and efficiently, you can count on workholding solutions like this one to support you along the way.

Leading Edge Industrial's Low Profile Vise

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of investing in a workholding solution like our Low Profile Vise. 

1. Adaptability

Some companies within our industry make products specific to their own machinery and equipment. This inconveniently forces you to purchase within their brand to ensure that your equipment is compatible with your workholding solutions. Leading Edge Industrial realizes the inefficiency in this, in regards to both your time and your money. As our customer, we don’t want to put stress on you – or your budget. Rather, we want you to have access to solutions that adapt to your needs, not the other way around. For this reason, we have made sure that our Low Profile Vise can not only perform with our HX Series CNC machines, but also a myriad of other machinery.


Our Low Profile Vise has two slotted, mounting holes and fixturing solutions that are 1-inch to 1-1/8 inch on center. This design is what allows our vise to be so accommodating. Our Low Profile Vise can help you adjust to many different tables. In fact, if you are in need of a low profile fixturing device and have a 1-inch or ½-inch on center fixture plate, you can mount directly to the workholding vise. This means your vise can provide you with efficiency and safety for several pieces of machinery, saving you both time and money. This is an investment that you will reap benefits from long after you’ve made your purchase. You can purchase this product here.

2. Your Safety is Ensured

When working with manufacturing machinery, a lot of risks come into play. Yes, some of the potential dangers that you may come into contact with have to do with the individuals that are utilizing the machinery, the environment during the time of the use, and the training that is enforced during the process. However, another key component that affects the circumstances at hand is the workholding solutions you are utilizing. Thrifty purchases may be an uprising trend; but when it comes to aspects like your safety, or the safety of your students/employees, it’s not worth the risk.

3. Increased Productivity

As we all know, time is money, and having an inefficient process is practically equivalent to throwing money out the window, so it is natural that we want to avoid this trend as much as possible within our workdays. With the use of workholding solutions like our Low Profile Vise, your time and process can be optimized in order to increase your return on investment. With workholding solutions, varying sizes of parts can work with multiple machines, you are able to use the same fixtures to perform different tasks in a given area. This dramatically decreases transition time while taking the guesswork out of locating the positive locations of parts. Additionally, one fixture is able to be used on a wide variety of models and sizes of machines within the same function. This means, instead of purchasing a separate fixture of for each model of machinery, you can utilize one fixture for all of them!

After this one-time purchase, your workers won’t have to spend the time manually locating and measuring different parts to perform a task, and your money will be put to use for years to come.

4. Greater Precision + Reduced Scrap Rate = More Profit!

In addition to time, our vise can help you be more profitable by allowing you to be more consistent with your work. Without the proper control that a vise offers, many jobs may be flawed or not up to par with the standards that you have set. Without proper setup, a machine may have a very high scrap rate, or the percentage of failed assemblies that are unable to be restored or reused. According to Detroit Tool, “If you have to make the parts over, your raw material costs increase along with the time spent machining.”

However, with the help of our workholding solutions, this issue can be avoided through increased precision on every project, which reduces the margin of error that parts without workholding solutions may have! Since the operator is simply replacing parts and starting the CNC machine operation, the operation flows more like a production line – which results in fewer errors. Money previously thrown away on scrapped projects can now go directly into your pocket. With the precision that our Low Profile Vise will provide, not only will your performance increase but so will your profitability!

5. Enhanced Capabilities

In order to keep up with the times, it’s crucial to be flexible, adaptable, and eager to embrace new advances in technology and processes. With all the training that workers need to go through, sometimes it is more efficient to incorporate new tools to get the job done! Workholding tools allow you get more work done without being solely reliant on staff’s training. This means you can take on jobs that may have seemed dangerous in the past with your old ways of fixturing. Maybe you will decide to take on that task that took too much time or was too complicated to undertake without workholding devices. You see, as your capabilities increase, so will your opportunities.

By incorporating workholding solutions like our Low Profile Vise, you will see new doors open. Investing in products like this one prevents you from taking the time and money needed to outsource contractors while allowing you to get the job done yourself, the way YOU want it.

To purchase the Low Profile Vise, visit our online shop. As always, we’re eager to answer any questions you may have regarding the product.

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