See all of Leading Edge Industrial's 2018 accomplishments

The beginning of a new year brings many hopes and possibilities to the table. New dreams come into view, unique challenges are waiting to be tackled, and more strides are ready to be taken in the manufacturing field. The beginning of 2019 also gives us the special opportunity to reminiscence on the achievements of the previous year. We at Leading Edge Industrial (LEI) have been fortunate enough to have accomplished great feats, both small and large. Join us as we look back at our most memorable moments of 2018.

Making New Connections

At LEI, we know that in order to advance manufacturing knowledge and skills, we must have a strong presence in the technical and mechanical industry—which is why we added thousands of new contacts to our sales Rolodex this year. We have also established a distribution network that currently spans 31 US states (and counting). LEI is also working on distribution networks with Canada and Mexico, to share both machinery and knowledge. LEI has also had global sales, with a recent purchase of our Low Profile Vise being shipped to Norway!

LEI Loves Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent place to showcase new products and share new manufacturing techniques, which is exactly what LEI did at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) of 2018. This was only our second time in attendance, yet our most successful trade show/conference to date!

New Technology

Leading Edge Industrial has programmed a java-based machine controller called the lead controllerTo help machine shops reach their production goals, we have designed, produced and continue to ship our popular, next-generation line of HX Series CNC machines: the HX Series II product line. LEI has also designed and created patterns for our first (of many) 100% Made-in-the-USA machine castings made in Michigan.

LEI has also accomplished the task of designing and programming a JAVA-based Machine Controller, called the LEAD Controller. This controller is platform independent and allows our user-base to use their preferences on native operating systems (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX). It also simulates a more realistic machining environment.

– Stay Tuned for a promotional and full walk-through video! –


Leading Edge Industrial is officially registered with a federal trademark

To accommodate a larger client base and increase production, LEI has relocated to a larger facility. We have also purchased and installed new machinery to scale up our production. At LEI, we have noticed an urgent need to increase manufacturing education to change how the general public perceives modern manufacturing, which is why we have increased our educational video production.

To become more recognizable, our federal trademark application for “Leading Edge Industrial” has been approved and published, meaning we’re officially registered (®)!

In addition to becoming registered, LEI has also updated and redesigned our entire website (on both the front and back ends) to provide our users with a more intuitive, streamlined experience. In addition to revamping our website, we have also incorporated many important LEAN principles into our daily operations, to cut down on overhead and boost production—creating a more efficient, controlled process.

Passing on Knowledge:

We at LEI know the value of industrial education, which is why we try to provide technical and mechanical information whenever possible. Our blogs this past year have covered topics ranging from machinist education to microstepping benefits to encoder function, and we have provided tutorials on subjects like using a micrometer and sourcing materials. With this provided information, we hope to spread more knowledge and create more interest in the manufacturing industry.

We have had both an exciting and busy year at Leading Edge Industrial as we have expanded, increased production, and designed new machinery. With 2019 here, new challenges and accomplishments lie ahead—and we can’t wait to get started. From all of us at LEI, have an amazing new year, and don’t forget to see what we accomplish next!